Thursday March 30 , 2017
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Industry News from BIFA

  • BIFA will assist Government on Brexit discussions

    Robert Keen, Director General of the British International Freight Association (BIFA) says: “In the run up to the UK’s eventual exit we will be working with Government to try and ensure that the movement of the UK’s visible import and export trade does not become overburdened by over complicated trade procedures.

    “Clearly there are significant areas of concern for our members, which are responsible for much of the physical movement of that trade, over the eventual outcome, including the physical infrastructure, trade arrangements and Customs practices that will be reviewed as part of the Brexit negotiations.

    “I have already gone on the record to warn about the huge number of pundits offering solutions when nobody really knows what is likely to happen in reality.

    “BIFA's focus now will be presenting the views of our members to the various government departments that we deal with, as well as working with organisations such as the Confederation of British Industry and International Chamber of Commerce to make sure that all parties negotiating the post-Brexit landscape are fully aware of the potential challenges for which they will need to find solutions.”

  • Imports of meat from Brazil

    The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) understand that of the 21 establishments that were implicated in the fraud, five are authorised for export to the EU. This includes four meat establishment and one honey establishment.

    The Brazilian CA has suspended certification from the four meat plants. In addition, the Commission has asked them to provide full details of all consignments that have been certified for export to the EU from these plants since the beginning of 2017 to allow for their possible recall if any consignments are still in transit.
    A list of the affected establishments is provided below. The establishments have been removed from TRACES so effectively they are no longer approved for export to the EU. Therefore, consignments of meat that originate from these four establishments will be rejected at the Border Inspection Post. 
    There is one honey establishment that has been implicated and BIPs will detain any consignments from that establishment pending further advice.

    Meat plants – reject and re-export.  RASFF notification

    Establishment ID: 55
    Name/place: Frigorífico Oregon S/A, Apucarana, Paraná
    Establishment type:   slaughterhouse, cold store, processing/cutting plant
    Approval type: casings, meat of domestic ungulates
    Establishment ID: 530
    Name/place: Seara Alimentos Ltda, :Lapa, Paraná
    Establishment type:   slaughterhouse, cold store, meat preparations, cutting plant
    Name/place: meat preparations and meat of poultry and lagomorphs (rabbit)
    Establishment ID: 1010
    Name/place: BRF S.A., Mineiros, Goias
    Establishment type:   slaughterhouse, cold store, meat preparation and cutting plant
    Name/place: meat preparations and meat of poultry and lagomorphs
    Establishment ID: 2156
    Name/place: JJZ Alimentos S.A., Goianira, Goias
    Establishment type:   slaughterhouse, cold store, processing and cutting plant
    Name/place: meat of domestic ungulates and meat products

    Honey establishment – detain and seek further advice

    Establishment ID: 3522
    Name/place: Breyer & Cia Ltda
    Approval type:             honey

    Defra will update information on future developments.

  • Major Supply Chain Safety Campaign launched

    During discussions, it was clear that there were much more serious issues concerning poor stowage and the failure of many loaders to spread the load evenly throughout the weight of a container.

    IMO Secretary General, European Commission officials and representatives from the shipping and insurance industries were present at the launch of a CTU Code Compliance Campaign in Brussels. During the event the promotion of best practice in packing and securing cargo and compliance across all modes was urged.

    In introducing the discussions TT Club's Risk Management Director, Peregrine Storrs-Fox emphasised the serious consequences resulting from badly packaged, eccentrically loaded and wrongly handled material, whether of a regulated dangerous or seemingly benign nature. These accidents range from over-turned road trailers, train derailments, crane failures, ship fires to container stack collapses.  A fuller report of the discussions will appear in May’s BIFAlink.

  • HMRC issue guidance on Transfer of Residence procedures

    These comments have been relayed to Customs with suggestions for improvements. It is important to remember that these changes were primarily introduced to ensure that Duty and VAT would be paid in the country where the person would be living and also to comply with the Union Customs Code requirement that all communications with Customs had to be electronic. 

    There has been considerable criticism of the new procedures and in particular the fact that the correct systems were not available in November to allow the electronic submission of a completed Transfer of Residence Form. Also, concerns were expressed that the information provided to date on the GOV website was not sufficiently comprehensive, failing to address several likely scenarios. 

    In response, HMRC have now issued the following guidance which aims to rectify these points.

    UK Customs Procedures on Personal Property Imports