Sunday December 11 , 2016
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Industry News from BIFA

  • Key road scheme in Dover continues with no further December night closures

    The A20 Junction Improvement Scheme has made good progress over recent weeks; however, in the interest of maintaining the best access to-and-from the Port, and to avoid disruption to our ferry customers and the people of Dover throughout the Christmas period, the Port of Dover has decided to avoid any further night closures during 2016 to ensure 24-hour flow of traffic.

    Single lane running in both directions will remain in place throughout the festive break with vehicle recovery and traffic management maintenance. The new traffic lights that have recently been installed will not be commissioned until overall completion of the scheme in the New Year and therefore right turns will remain unavailable to ensure traffic remains free flowing.

    Night closures will be required in January to complete the works safely for London-bound traffic within the vicinity of York Street. The works will then conclude with the traffic lights at Woolcomber Street upgraded before the scheme concludes in February 2017.

    Highlighted as one of the key schemes by the Government in unlocking Britain’s economic potential, the A20 Junction Improvement Scheme is designed to maximise the potential of Dover’s key regeneration projects including the Port’s Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) and the district council’s St James development.

    The Port is working hard to complete these complex works as quickly as possible and would ask for your continued patience and understanding whilst we continue this key road scheme.

    Source: Port of Dover

  • EU Customs Guarantees for use in multiple Member States

    The British International Freight Association (BIFA), via it membership of CLECAT, who represent national Forwarder Associations at EU level, as the Trade Contact Group, has been requested to consult members regarding two specific questions. The questions relate to the current use and estimated future demand of Traders for guarantees that are valid in more than one Member State.

    DG TAXUD has explained that, in order to support the creation of the business case document for the future EU Guarantee Management System and its prioritisation with regard to other projects of the Multi Annual Strategic Plan, the demand of Traders for guarantees which are valid in more than one Member State, as well as the design of the IT-support for such functionality, is an important factor.

    DG TAXUD is therefore looking for an overview of the current situation and for potential indications regarding the future.

    The two questions asked are: -

    1. Are you currently using a guarantee which is valid in more than one Member State for other customs procedures and formalities than the transit procedure?

    2. Independently from your answer to the previous question; do you consider a demand in your company and would you thus apply for such guarantee(s) in the future?

    DG TAXUD is asking for a simple “Yes” or “No” answer to each question.

    BIFA has been asked to provide answers back to CLECAT before 4 of January 2017. The more answers there are, the more accurate feedback will be to DG TAXUD.

    All responses will be greatly appreciated, so please send your responses to Robert Windsor - Manager Policy & Compliance.

  • UK Forwarders raise concerns over new procedures for Transfer of Residence

    This information needs to be read in conjunction with CIP 57 (2016) which covers the new procedures for Transfer of Residence to the UK. These are fundamentally new procedures which must be fully understood in order to prevent unnecessary problems.

    The online application process was meant to be live from the 1st November but the GOV.UK website notified trade on 7th December that the new form was available on-line. It should be remembered that ToR relief is only granted for UK residences and addresses. A month implementation period is currently running where the new process will operate alongside current practices with manual forms (C3, C5, C104a), but as of 1 January 2017, only the online application process will be available.

    Customs have agreed to extend the dual-running period for 3 months, up to 31 March 2017, as a concession period to assist this transition to the new process. This will now provide a sixteen-week period from the 8 December 2016 to cater for any outstanding consignments still en-route to the UK.

    Please note: Any C3 forms received by HMRC from 1 April 2017 onwards will not be recognised as a valid customs declaration. C3 use will be obsolete and it will be fully withdrawn, and any concession will end.

    This online application form should be completed by any private individual planning to relocate their normal place of residence to the UK. Such an application must be made prior to shipping any consignments of household effects and personal property to UK. If successful in obtaining ToR relief, the applicant will then be awarded unique declaration information that they or their third-party agent must then present when making the import declaration using CPC 40 00 C01.

    Any entitlement to ToR still involves satisfying the qualifying criteria laid down in paragraph 5.1 of Notice 3. Applicants are encouraged to read this to ensure they can comply with that criteria and meet the post-entry obligations of the 12-month restriction period, also mentioned in paragraph 5.1.

  • Highly pathogenic avian influenza in Russia and Ukraine

    Russia and Ukraine have reported outbreaks of HPAI subtype H5 in the Republic of Kalmykiya (Russia) and Kherson (Ukraine).

    Russia and Ukraine are authorised in accordance with EU legislation for imports into the EU of certain poultry commodities.

    However, these countries can no longer be considered free of HPAI and are therefore unable to certify for export to the EU:

    • Fresh poultry meat (certificate POU in Annex I of Regulation (EC) No 798/2008);
    • Poultry meat preparations (Decision 2000/572/EC);
    • Poultry meat products not subject to treatments B, C or D (Decision 2007/777/EC);
    • Unprocessed animal by-products containing poultry material (Regulation (EU) No 142/2011).

    Therefore, imports into the EU of these commodities are currently suspended.

    If you have any queries please contact APHA - Centre for International Trade, Imports - Carlisle